The Surrey International Writers' Conference


I was lucky enough to have spent this past weekend at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. (SiWC) It’s one of the largest writers’ conferences in North America, and this was my second year in a row attending. If I could use only two words to describe this conference, they would be ‘essential’ and ‘humorous.’

Everybody who attends is apparently a comedian, which works well for me, because I can laugh hard and work my abs, which counteracts the flatness that happens to my butt from sitting for 3 days.

Abs-1, butt-0.

Some of the workshops I attended included such topics as Writing for Newspapers and Magazines, Life Writing, The Nuts and Bolts of Writing Humour, Presentation Skills for Determined Writers, Marketing Your Book, The Changing World of Mainstream Publishing, and more.


All in all, it was a great conference. But I have to say that one of the main highlights for me was Jack Whyte‘s bold (and not-so-surprisingly talented) rendition of The Hippopotamus Song.

Anyway, if you’re a writer, and you have the opportunity to attend something like this every now and then, I highly recommend this particular event. Maybe I’ll see you there next year!

Happy Meatless Monday!

The Love Your Gut Project

Love Your Gut is now a group on LinkedIn! It’s called The Love Your Gut Project, and it’s aim is to facilitate conversations between those suffering from digestive disorders, and the medical professionals who choose to care for their patients wholistically. (Yay!)

Join the group! Let’s see what we can collectively come up with to help each other out. It’s typically difficult to get information from these amazing healers, but hopefully it will be easier on this forum. If you know anyone at all who suffers from digestive problems (there are about 20 million Canadians and 80 million Americans alone!), then please let them know about this group. You can also visit to find out more. Yay!

Learn, love, post! <3