Content Writing for Health + Wellness in Vancouver


Happy Earth Day, everyone! I hope you’ve all done something miniscule or little or big or enormous to lend a hand to Mother Earth, today! Today’s blog is exciting for me, because I’m introducing a new business that won’t be formally launched for a few more months, but I’m taking on some amazing clients early, so I thought I’d share!

Fresh + Fit Vancouver is my latest and greatest project, spawned from the relentless requests I was receiving to write bios and ‘about’ pages and content for local businesses. I figured if there was a market for this kind of thing, then I’m in! Since my passion lies within the health and wellness industry, I decided to make it niche and remain in that realm.

Jennifer Browne

Fresh + Fit serves two purposes in Vancouver: 

1- To be a place of reference for Vancouverites who may be looking for a new juice bar, spin class, or place to receive a fabulous pedicure, and

2- To provide a blogging service to Vancouver’s health and wellness businesses that highlights originality and individual strengths. Most people don’t like writing their own blogs, but I love writing, and I LOVE a great kale juice, yoga class, and collagen fascial. I will help you post original, fun, interesting content, while also providing link building and social media shout-outs.

“If your goal is to remain visible to Vancouver’s savvy health and wellness consumers, you should still be hosting original content on a consistent basis. Blogging is a fantastic way of providing current and potential clients with new and exciting information that is relevant to what they’re searching for.”

Interested? Visit for more details. xo