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Kudolife: The Next Generation Fitness App

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything. Just this morning while I was watching Global TV, they discussed a new app that detected the offensiveness of one’s body odor. Yep.


Apps are available by the thousands, and some are definitely more useful than others; I personally use about 30 of them on a daily basis. For real—I counted. So imagine my hesitance when being approached about the “newest app that I need to try.”

Enter Kudolife, which I was introduced to by an acquaintance on April 7th. And it’s amazing.

About Kudolife

Previously, I was using My Fitness Pal. It tracked calories, food, fitness, and weight. But Kudolife? It does all of that plus it has Fit Bit features—it tracks your daily steps, guys! It’s also set to offer monthly meal plans and recipes, and it actually breaks your food intake into fats, proteins, and carbs.

Food with the words 'meal plans' over it

Marketing itself as a pre-diabetic activity and calorie tracker app, this awesome platform is the next generation of fitness apps—guaranteed. It’s also a very social platform. Yes—seriously. You can connect with others on Kudolife, and you can subscribe to the newsletter and mailing list.

Oh, and it’s pretty. Did I mention that? Because it really is. It’s really pretty.

Here’s the other thing: although it’s optimized for iPhone, you can use the desktop version, too. (Which rocks my world, because sometimes I’m tired of squinting at my phone.)

How to Get It

So if you love fitness and health and new stuff that makes life easier and more efficient, sign up for Kudolife. You can thank me later.

Visit for more info and/or to subscribe to their mailing list.

You’re welcome! xo

Six Awesome APPS for Vegans

APPS for iPhone and iPad

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Fellow blogger Ashley Erikson is back to help navigate Happy Healthy Life readers through the world of fabulous vegan APPS! Hope you enjoy…

Being vegan isn’t the easiest choice in the world. Our meat obsessive culture doesn’t admire the vegan way of life (lets face it). As a vegan, you don’t do it for the social love, although deep down it feels awesome to be unique.  Being a vegan is a compassionate and healthful choice, but operating in a world where the majority of people and businesses don’t think the way you do is a challenge. Going out to eat, buying personal care items and traveling are just a few areas where vegans need to tread with care. Technology and smartphone apps can help in these areas. It’s time for us vegans to adopt and support these amazing resources!

Reading labels is a given, and some products generously provide symbols or statements about being vegan or at least vegetarian, but with food additives, unrecognizable personal-care ingredients, household-product labels that don’t even list ingredients, and companies that still test on animals, who knows what’s safe without constant, diligent research? Well, there’s an app for that on iPhone, Android and even some for Windows. New and experienced vegans are sure to find helpful features among these apps.

Reading labels

Is It Vegan?/Ingredients Guide

iPhone, Android and Windows

The Is It Vegan? app for iPhone and Android eliminates the guesswork on food labels. Point your phone’s camera at the UPC bar code, and the program analyzes the ingredients to determine vegan, vegetarian and animal-based sources. You can also search for product names or specific ingredients. Windows phones offers the Ingredients Guide app that defines and lists the sources for 200 different food ingredients. These apps are free.

Go Vegan!


This is something of a vegan lifestyle guide. It includes recipes that transfer ingredients to a shopping list, and there are also audio and video tips from the author, Sarah Kramer, whom Herbivore magazine labeled “the world’s coolest vegan.” The cost for Go Vegan is $4.99.

Happy Cow

Android and Windows

This is a search app for restaurants and stores that offer vegan and vegetarian foods. Choose your current location or enter where you’re going to see listings by type in 150 countries. Locations in North America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil and some Asian cities offer maps as well as search results while other locations provide search results only. There are free and paid versions; the paid Android app is ad-free and lets you save results to use offline, which could save quite a bit of data time. The Windows version costs $2.99; Android starts free then offers an upgrade.

21-Day Vegan Kickstart/Everyday Vegan

iPhone and Android

Everyone needs a good vegan cookbook at their fingertips. iPhone’s 21-day Vegan Kickstart aims to help new vegans with recipes and other resources to make the transition to a healthier diet. Android’s Everyday Vegan offers 300 recipes with search, browse and bookmark capabilities. The iPhone app is free; the Android one costs $2.99.

R90 Weight Tracker/Journal

iPhone and Android

The TR90 app is the perfect weight journal for vegans who are serious about losing weight or shedding size. The app keeps track of your weight and goals very well. Often times, your goal might not to lose overall weight, but to just lose size around your arms or waste; this app will help you track it. The TR90 program is focused on promoting a more vegan lifestyle as well.

Echinacea Flowers homeopathic remedy

Cruelty Free/Choose Cruelty Free

iPhone and Android

Shop guilt-free with these apps covering personal care, cosmetic and household products. All are offered free of charge.

iPhone and Android have the Cruelty Free app connected to the Leaping Bunny program. It lists companies in the U.S and Canada that don’t use animal testing in any phase of production, including ingredients and finished products.

Android also offers the similar Choose Cruelty Free app, which goes a step further in listing vegan products free from any animal ingredients.

About Ashley – Author BIO

I’m Ashley. I’m a vegan, a blogger, a happy mom to 3 happy little dudes and a woman of strength (I do like to work out). My passion is health but my life is focused on helping others achieve their goals. Visit my site and learn more at