“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.”

My Services

Fresh + Fit Vancouver

As editor and curator of Fresh + Fit, I match health and wellness-related businesses who are seeking content and social media management for their website(s), with experienced and qualified writers who can help their businesses become more visible on the web. Fresh and original content is king right now in regards to marketing and branding–don’t get left behind in the dust. Hire a content writer.

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Freelance Manuscript Editing

Don’t send your manuscript to publishers or agents without having it professionally edited. Manuscript sales are extremely competitive, and only the most polished, well-written and edited books have a chance at being considered for publication. Similarly, please don’t self-publish without going through this very important editing process, either.

I edit non-fiction manuscripts only, and references are available upon request.

Freelance Writing

I’ve written countless articles for magazines such as Alive, Naked Food Magazine, Vitamin Retailer, and the Good Life magazine. I also write for a variety of web publications, such as My VanCity and ValleyBuzz. Depending on the project, I’m also up for ghostwriting. (Non-fiction, health and wellness only.)

Get today a truly efficient essay writer for sale who write a quality paper from scratch. And become a commendable student.

Social Media Event Management

If you’re looking for someone to cover an event in Vancouver or the Fraser Valley, I’m your girl! I’ll attend the event, take good quality images, edit them, and live-post to social media on a variety of platforms (usually Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

I only cover events that appeal to me, and I provide a well-written follow-up article to post on Fresh + Fit Vancouver.